Jobs for Refugees

Founded in 2015 by

  • JBT/Universität Hohenheim

  • Asien-Haus Stuttgart e. V.

  • Freelancer.International

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The "Jobs for Refugees" initiative was created in October 2015 by JBT/Hohenheim University, Asien-Haus Stuttgart e. V. and Freelancer.International to help qualified refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to quickly integrate into the German labor market. Our current focus is on helping people from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus who want to or have to leave their country. Qualified refugees and people from these countries can use the services of Freelancer.International completely free of charge.

Refugees: When you register, please write "Free usage of Freelancer.International as I am a legitimate refugee / asylum recipient in Germany" so that we will not charge you any registration or introduction fees. Please click here to register for free.

Graduates who wish to leave their country: You must be from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus and have a university degree to be eligible for the EU Blue Card Visa. When registering please write, in Additional information, "Free usage of Freelancer.International as I want to leave my country Ukraine/Russia/Belarus". Please click here to register for free.

BTW: You can also apply for a business visitor or work visa from a German embassy or consulate abroad, eg. in Turkey or Dubai.

Companies: As is completely free for clients, 100% of the client’s payment go directly to the refugee. You just choose one of the listed refugees here: Choose English-speaking refugees, Choose German-speaking refugees.

Brochures: Handout for refugees, handout for companies, press reports

Booklet for refugees: Five steps towards working as a freelancer - Fünf Schritte zur Arbeit als Freelancer - خمس خطوات للعمل كمستقل.

Jobs-for-Refugees / Freelance-Market wins Demography Excellence Award 2016

As the initiator of Jobs-for-Refugees, the Stuttgart-based internet company received the Demography Excellence Award in the "innovative and digital" category.

The award ceremony took place on November 17, 2016 as part of a celebratory gala at the Port of Hamburg. Prizes were awarded in seven categories. In addition to Freelance-Market, the seven winners this year also included Caritas, Daimler, and Coca Cola.

The nationwide Demography Excellence Award was advertised to honor demography-oriented projects, products and services that are worthy of imitation. Partners of the initiative include Ernst&Young, Kienbaum, the Federal Employment Agency, German Trade Union Association, Association of German Enterprises (BDU), and Techniker Health Insurance. The award ceremony was moderated by the German-Iranian TV presenter Michel Abdollahi. In her speech, Hamburg Senator for Health, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, pointed out that the successful integration of refugees is a burning demographic issue.

According to the jury, the decisive factor for the award was that Freelance-Market has chosen a third way of integrating people into the labor market, in addition to traditional job placement and entry through internships. Freelance-Market enables refugees to enter the labor market as self-employed and freelancers. This has many advantages for companies. This makes it easier to give orders to the self-employed, in contrast to internships or normal employment relationships, where many formalities have to be observed. The jury found that Freelance-Market's approach is a way to quickly get good results and to give refugees, who are often very qualified, a very quick opportunity to prove themselves in their respective professions. In this way, experience can be gained, and the refugees can be taken on, or if the refugees so wish, they can even set up companies.

In the campaign, qualified refugees and asylum seekers in Germany are placed with companies free of charge. Refugees have now been placed with many projects, from software development, new construction planning, database evaluation, customer loyalty concepts, mechanical engineering design, to the development of data transmission tools. "Of course, the award is also to be seen as recognition for the other two campaign partners, the Asia House Stuttgart e. V. and the Junior Business Team from the University of Hohenheim," says Dr. Kurz, CEO of Freelance-Market.


Is the job placement service really completely free?

Yes! Neither the job seekers nor the employers pay anything. We do not have our own website but use the Freelancer.International website which normally requires payment. Building a seperate marketplace is a lot of effort and would not utilise the already existing customer base of Freelancer.International. By entering "Free usage of Freelancer.International as I am a legitimate refugee / asylum recipient in Germany" or "Free usage of Freelancer.International as I want to leave my country Ukraine / Russia / Belarus", you are exempt from any charges.

In which languages must the profile be entered?

In German or English! Since we place qualified persons in German companies, a placement in Russian or Ukrainian language is unfortunately not possible.

What is The EU Blue Card visa and who can apply?

The EU Blue Card is a residence title for graduates which is intended to facilitate and promote the permanent immigration of highly-qualified persons and their families from outside the EU to Germany. Requirements:

  • You are a graduate: If you did not acquire your degree in Germany, it must either be recognised or comparable to a German degree. Information on the equivalence and recognition of foreign degrees is available at

  • You have an employment contract or a binding job offer. Our aim at JobsForRefugees is to help you with that.

  • You have a minimum annual gross salary of 56,400 € (or 43,992 € for mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, engineering and human medicine).

  • The employment must match the qualification.

  • German diplomatic missions like in Turkey, Dubai or Qatar can can issue visas. Many travel via the countries of the Eurasian Union such as Armenia, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan where a stay of up to 30 days is possible without registration and accounts can be opened in roubles.

  • You can also enter Germany as a visitor for discussions with the potential employer. Then it is also possible to apply at the local German immigration authorities for the EU Blue Card.

  • An EU Blue Card can be applied for in all EU Member States apart from Denmark and Ireland. Slight differences apply with regard to the conditions, such as the amount of the gross annual salary.

How do we find jobs for registered refugees?

Our volunteers put a lot of effort into finding jobs for our persons of concern. Through the following activities, we attract numerous interested parties and receive numerous job offers every day:

  • Cooperation agreements with foundations, associations and initiatives, e.g. IHK, Bundesanstalt für Arbeit, ...

  • PR work with the business press and trade journals. → Press reports

  • Communication work and links with internet portals and net communities, e.g. Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn,, ...

  • Direct communication with decision-makers and human resources departments.

  • Articles in print media and blogs based on our press releases, e.g. Stuttgarter Zeitung, McKinsey Global News, IHK Magazin Wirtschaft.

  • Advertising in print media and on the internet, e.g. Google, Bing, ...

  • Distribution of flyers.

  • Newsletter (in planning).

  • Presence at trade fairs and conferences.

  • Entries in help databases and volunteer directories.

  • Top listing in internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, T-Online, ...

  • Care and support of our "regular customers" (one third of our jobs come from personal recommendation of our users).

Please get in touch if you have further ideas or would like to support us.

Why do we only find jobs for highly qualified people?

There are several thousand organisations in Germany that help refugees in different ways. We have specialised in the placement of refugees with university degrees, as this is what we and our partner Freelance-Market do best. If you need other support, e.g. language courses, housing, help with applications, etc., you can contact

How can I get involved and what can I support?

Please contact us, preferably by email to At the moment we especially need support with the following tasks:

  • Contacting and supporting job seekers in Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus – our database can become even more comprehensive.

  • Contacting companies that have jobs.

  • Creating design and texts for our website and brochures.

  • Marketing (social media, blogs, press releases, ...).

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with organisations and politics.

For all those who can only support a little bit: Spreading the word already helps! Just click here and recommend us by email.

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